Week of Insanity

This past weekend, Micah performed in Creekside Kids Theater production of “Schoolhouse Rock – Live!”  The week of rehearsals leading up to opening night is called the “Week of Insanity.”  Normally, we have one 1-hour rehearsals per week but during the week of insanity, the kids have four 2-hour rehearsals.  The many hours of rehearsing paid off!  The 176 kids in the show did an amazing job!  They performed 3 times – Friday evening, and Saturday afternoon & evening.  I’m still singing the songs in my head…sometimes out loud too.  😛

Here are a couple of pictures from one of the rehearsals.  My thespian is wearing the R2D2 shirt.  =)IMG_5332IMG_5333

The Director handed out Paper Plate Awards to each cast member.  Micah received “The Energizer Bunny” award.  The Director knows him so well.  =P


4 thoughts on “Week of Insanity

  1. Great that you’re exposing Micah to so many different kinds of experiences. He’s learning about commitment and perseverance when he participates in these programs, and having fun at the same time. Thanks again for inviting us!

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