June 2013: recap

I can’t believe it’s August already.  This summer has flown by so fast.  We’ve had quite a busy summer so far, filled with VBS, swim lessons, a short trip to Monterey, celebrating Rebekah’s 2nd Birthday, summer reading programs, story times, play dates, and more VBS.

Here’s a recap of what happened in June.  Micah finished his first year in elementary school.  He is no longer a Kindergartner but is now a first grader!  The Kindergarten classes had an end of the school year picnic on the last day of school.

IMG_5898 copy

At The Picnic…

We played on the play structure.Image

We drew with chalk.Image

We blew bubbles.Image

We ate yummy food.ImageImage

It was a great day and we had fun with our friends.  After the picnic, the kids went back to their classrooms and said their goodbyes to friends and teachers.  It was a memorable  year and I am so proud of Micah!

Micah and Po Po on the last day of school.IMG_5907 copy

My First Grader!IMG_5899 copy

Here are more pictures from the picnic.

During our last two weeks of June, the kids and I went to Community Vacation Bible School in Castro Valley.  You can read about it in my post HERE.

Happy Summer!

A Swingin’ Good Time

Just a few months ago, this little one was still nervous about being in the swings.  She would be okay sitting in one if it wasn’t moving.  As soon as you gave it a little push, she would get anxious and tense up.  She did not like swinging!

Today, at the Kindergarten end of the year bbq, her daddy placed her in the swings and gave it a little push.  Then another push…then another…

This was her reaction…


She had a swingin’ good time!

A Sibling’s Compassion

I told Micah that there was only three and a half more weeks of school left.  He became overwhelmed with grief and started to cry.  “I want more school!”  “I’m going to miss my friends.”

Rebekah heard her brother sobbing and walked over to him.  “Hug,” she said.  “Kiss.”


Though Bekah is often annoyed when Micah gets in her face or frustrated when he takes things away from her, this little sis has a big heart for her Goh Goh (big brother in Chinese).  She will quickly toddle over to Goh Goh, comforting him with gentle pats or giving him her blankie.

A sibling’s compassion.  Glimpses of God’s heart and love in moments like these.

Kindergarten Fashion Show

On Friday, the Kindergarten classes put on a Mother’s Day Fashion Show for their families.  IMG_9196IMG_9195There were four fashion categories and each Kindergartener chose which one they wanted to model – Sportwear, Beachwear, Bedtime or Party Wear.  The kids also sang songs and recited nursery rhymes during the show.IMG_9197

Micah chose to model Bedtime Wear.  He wore his Batman pajamas.IMG_9200Walking down the catwalk with his teddy bear “Teddy.”IMG_9205Spinning around for the audience.IMG_9206Back down the catwalk.IMG_9207Little Sis came to support Big BroIMG_9218After the show, families were invited back to the classrooms for treats and Mother’s Day surprises.  Micah gave me a Mother’s Day Cookbook, a handmade & thumbprint decorated card, and a pretty yellow rose.IMG_9229Here’s Micah’s recipe.  What a cute idea for the cookbook!  IMG_5569

Now that I think about it, he really does like to eat my chicken noodle soup.  I try to make the soup from scratch (w/ carrots & celery), use the leftover meat from Costco’s rotisserie chicken and add pasta from Trader Joe’s.

The fashion show was a fun event and the kids did a great job modeling their clothes.  I am so proud of Micah.  I love my special Mother’s Day gifts from my favorite Kindergartener too.

Easter: Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt

The Kindergarten classes are having an egg hunt next week and the parents were asked to bring in a basket for their child, with six plastic eggs filled with candy or a small toy.  The parents are going to hide the eggs around the Kindergarten playground for the egg hunt.

I went to the 99cent Only Store and picked up a bag of jumbo-sized plastic eggs and a bag of green shredded paper to add to the basket.

I filled the eggs with a snack pack of gummy bears and some Mrs. Grossman’s Easter Egg stickers.  The roll of stickers were given to me from a friend who didn’t want them anymore.  I got the larger plastic eggs so I could fit the snack pack inside of it.IMG_5364

This basket was given to Micah last Easter from his Godmother and her family.  I love that we can use it all year around.  The shredded paper grass can be reused or recycled too.


We’re all set for the Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt next week!IMG_5367

Chinese New Year Parade

The Kindergarten classes celebrated Chinese New Year with a parade today.  With their handmade masks and dragons, the kids (some carrying instruments) marched around the school and through classrooms, yelling “Gung Hay Fat Choy…Gung Hay Fat Choy!”

Marching along and banging on the drum

Little sister joined in on the fun too.

Through the yard they go…IMG_8256

IMG_8260With his dragonIMG_8266

What a fun activity for the kids!  Happy New Year!