Women of Faith: An Amazing Joyful Journey Movie

Outrageous Joy was the theme for the Women of Faith event that I attended in 1999.  This was my very first Women of Faith experience and it was quite an event!  Thousands and thousands of women coming together to worship, learn and be inspired.  I was overwhelmed with so much curiosity and excitement, because I had never been to a gathering such as this before.  It was an exhilarating weekend!

Six amazing speakers – Patsy Clairmont. Barbara Johnson. Marilyn Meberg. Luci Swindoll. Sheila Walsh. Thelma Wells.  Strangers to me in the beginning, but then welcomed into my heart as I listened to each speaker share their stories and insights.

Since then, I’ve attended a few more Women of Faith events in Southern and Northern California.  Some of the speakers  have changed over time but each gathering was always filled with so much laughter and awe-inspiring messages of God’s love.

I’m so excited to share about the Women of Faith movie, in theaters February 18 & 20 and March 3 & 5.  Whether or not you’ve been to a WOF event, this movie would be a fun “girls night out” and there are group deals too!  For tickets and to find a theater near you, visit http://www.wofincinemas.com/.


About the film: 
Over the last nearly 20 years, Women of Faith – http://www.womenoffaith.com/ – grew to become the largest non-denominational Christian women’s conference, touching over five million lives with personal stories full of laughter and tears.  Stage events have included such inspirational and spiritual luminaries such as Campus Crusade for Christ’s Mary Graham, author & reality TV star Corie Robertson, author & popular speaker Luci Swindoll, author Sheila Walsh, and others.
The cinema event will take viewers on a journey of Women of Faith through the years, on stage and off, on their travels with World Vision, their impact on audiences, in short the way they’ve changed the world.  Partly historical, and frequently hysterical, this unique cinematic experience will be packed with some of the most popular pieces from the beloved speaking team to include Anna Trent, Thelma Wells, Mary Graham, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Jen Hatmaker, Sandi Patty, Patsy Clairmont, Nicole Johnson, and Marilyn Meberg as well as music and performances from Christian contemporary artists that appeared on the tour.  Featuring never-before-seen interviews, outtakes, and behind the scenes footage, this event presentation will bring back memories for all those who have attended a Women of Faith weekend as well as create new memories for those experiencing it for the first time.


Official websitehttp://www.wofincinemas.com
Instagram: @WomenofFaith


Thanks to FlyBy Promotions, I’ll be seeing the movie next week with several girlfriends. Let me know if you plan to see the movie too!  Have a blessed day!

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Micah went to his friend’s 6th birthday party last weekend and the theme was Angry Birds. My friend Cindy did an amazing job with the decorations, games and cake.  Here are some pictures from the party.


No Angry Birds birthday party is complete unless you have slingshots. =)

These faces were hand painted onto the rubber balls.IMG_5969IMG_5965

Handmade masksIMG_5966IMG_5973IMG_5974

Cindy made this cake too.IMG_5971

Favor bags with handcut faces glued on.IMG_5972I love all the details that went into creating this fun party!  Micah had a blast!

Blood Drive, Mission Peak & Summer Reading Program Kickoff Event

Happy First Day of June!

I can’t believe that in a short couple of weeks, Micah will no longer be in Kindergarten (sniff, sniff!).  The year has really gone by so fast.  We are looking forward to our fun summer plans but sad that the school year is coming to an end.  I will need to soak in as much as I can these next couple of weeks.

We had an eventful Saturday.  Jason had a guys day out and went hiking on Mission Peak Regional Preserve.  The view at the top is beautiful!  I’m glad he decided to bring the camera along.IMG_5816IMG_5817

Our church hosted a blood drive today.  After dropping the kids off at my parents’ house, I headed to Creekside to donate blood (my first time!).  I’ve had my blood drawn at the hospital numerous times (too many to count), so I figured this would be a similar experience.  Everything went well.  It was actually more painful when they pricked my finger to test my iron levels than when they inserted the needle into my arm.  =P

In the afternoon, I took the kids to the San Leandro Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff Event.  Their theme this year is “Reading Is So Delicious.”  There were a lot of activities; crafts, snacks, a music concert, etc.  We saw many friends from MOPS and a buddy from Micah’s school was there too.  We all had a good time!IMG_5852IMG_5836

One of the crafts was to make a pillow for your stuffed animal.  You could bring your stuffed animal to spend the night at the library.  Cute idea, but we didn’t bring ours.  I think Micah made his pillow for his turtle constellation night light.IMG_5837

We made these cute chef’s hats.  Very easy!  This is a fun and simple craft to do with the kids at home or if you’re having a kids cooking (birthday) party.IMG_5841IMG_5842

Decorating a gingerbread person.IMG_5851

Papa Murphy’s handed out samples of their pizzas.  IMG_5850

The summer reading program officially starts on Monday, but we got to sign up today.  The Alameda County Library Summer Reading Game begins on June 10th, the Hayward Library Summer Reading Challenge begins on June 15th, and the Oakland Library Summer Reading Game begins on June 15th.

Let the Games/Challenge/Program Begin!

Little Farm at Tilden Park

Bekah has a real interest and love for animals so the two of us met up with some friends and made a visit to the Little Farm in Tilden Park.  This was our first time at the Little Farm. We packed a bag lunch for ourselves and a bag of celery to feed the animals.

IMG_5504IMG_5508We had heard about the cows and their long tongues!  Bekah had no fear of the cows (at first) and quickly ran up to them to get a closer look.  After she fed one of the cows a stick of celery, she was more cautious about being so close to them.

IMG_5490You can only feed the animals celery and lettuce. I’m glad I didn’t bring carrots, apples or bread!IMG_5505

IMG_5500She would get really close to the goats and then drop the celery in front of them.  She wasn’t scared to pet them though.  =)  The cows and goats loved the celery and the bag was gone in no time.  IMG_5502A bunny looking at a bunny…IMG_5507

We also saw pigs, chickens, ducks and sheep.  There’s a visitor center next to the Little Farm and a small playground next to the parking lot.  Parking is free.  We explored the visitor center for a little bit and then had lunch near the playground.  It was a very warm & sunny day.  Bring water, sunscreen and hats if you decide to visit on a sunny day because there is little shade in the farm and playground areas.  It’s a very fun place to bring the kids to and I’m looking forward to going again (along with my five-year old too).

Lego Birthday Party

Last month, we went to a birthday party and I would like to share some of the pictures that I took of the decorations, activities and food.  It was a LEGO themed party and so much fun!


There were signs directing us to where everything was happening.

The kids got to build their own lego cars…IMG_8403

…and race them down this ramp.IMG_8415IMG_8421IMG_8417Awards for each car racer.IMG_8404

IMG_8400IMG_8401We had Korean tacos for lunch.IMG_8422IMG_8423

Birthday Cake…one of the best I’ve ever tasted!IMG_8469Cute FavorsIMG_8489What are some of your favorite themed birthday parties?

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream

The Disney on Ice “Dare to Dream” show was at the Oracle Arena recently.  After winning four tickets from Bay Area Parent, Micah and I went to see the show with two of our friends.  It was our first time going to a Disney on Ice show and I was excited.  I told Micah that we were going to see it the day of the show and asked if he was excited.  He replied, “Not so excited…because I’ve seen it before.”  He was referring to the Dare to Dream commercials that he’s seen on TV.  xP

The show featured three movies: The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella and Tangled. Each act was introduced by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck.  It was a great show and we had a lot of fun watching it with our friends.  Micah asked when we would be able to see Disney on Ice again.  I said, “Next year.”  We probably wouldn’t have gone this year if I hadn’t won the tickets, so I’m very thankful that we were able to go.


Micah and his friend from his preschool days.  She was very excited about the show too. =)

Introducing the first act…IMG_5301

A scene from TangledIMG_5305The finaleIMG_5311IMG_5317IMG_5318