Ornament Making Parties

One of the fun things that our church does year-round is host parties for the kids in the community.  Back in December, I took Micah to the ornament making party.  There were six projects for the kids to make, a hot cocoa bar and yummy treats for everyone.  Our church also hosted a Ladies Ornament Making Night and I attended that as well.  It was fun to get away for a couple of hours, make crafts and fellowship with other women from church.

Here is Micah making a snowflake out of white pipe cleaners.IMG_7388

Filling a plastic ornament ball with different colors of paint.IMG_7389

Beautiful creation!IMG_7394 IMG_7393Hot cocoa breakIMG_7401 IMG_7398

Yummy treats!IMG_7396

Another fun Christmas decoration…festive garland!
This was made out of string and round color-coding labels.IMG_7402

Here are a couple of the ornaments that I made at the Ladies Night Out.IMG_7378 IMG_7370

We had our share of treats too!IMG_7375 IMG_7376

I’m looking forward to our next community party…Valentine Making Party!

Back To School Night

Just some pictures from Back to School Night…

Micah’s self-portrait.  Except for the head and neck, the kids tore up paper to create their faces.IMG_6566

I thought this was so cute.  He really does like to play chase. =)IMG_6564

The kids are learning these 12 tools from The Toolbox Project.  Good for us parents to learn them too.  I mentioned the personal space tool today at dinner when I told Micah to give his sister some personal space.  He was touching her feet with his feet under the table and she did not like it.  😉IMG_6565IMG_6569IMG_6570IMG_6568

New School Year

Micah started school almost one month ago.  We’re slowly getting into our daily and weekly rhythms.  Micah is in the first grade.  He has the same teacher and classmates as last year.  Since everyone already knows each other, “they can get straight to business,” as his teacher likes to say.  =)  Micah is in his third year at Awana and also has weekly rehearsals for “A Year With Frog and Toad.”

While Micah is in school, Bekah and I are enjoying MOPS (5th year) and attending women’s bible study (6-1/2 years with the same group).  We fill our other mornings with library storytimes, play dates, classes at Sulphur Creek Nature, toddler ramble at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, and volunteering once a month at MOPS in Alameda.  We’re keeping busy!  😉

Here’s my first grader on his first day of school.1243563_10151869663647008_186638673_o

Micah got a scooter for his 6th birthday from friends.  He’s been riding it to/from school…and absolutely LOVES it!IMG_6561IMG_6562IMG_6563

Here’s to another great year!

Papa Murphy’s Mini Murph Pizza Night

The kids got a lot of great prizes from participating in the library summer reading programs this year.  One of the prizes, from the San Leandro Library, was vouchers for free Mini Murph Make ‘N’ Bake Pizza Kits from Papa Murphy’s.  We also got the same vouchers from the San Lorenzo/Alameda County Summer Reading Program.  Each kit comes with mini dough, pizza sauce, whole milk mozzarella and your choice of pepperoni or cheese topping.  We always choose the kit with Pepperoni.  =)  I think the kits normally cost around $5.

The kids always have fun making their own pizzas, so we went to Papa Murphy’s in San Leandro to redeem our vouchers.  Two kids = two kits + throw in some home grown purple beans = dinner for a family of four!

Micah and Bekah with their pizza boxesIMG_0828

Spreading the sauce around.  Each kit also comes with a Mini Murph tattoo.  Bekah has one on her left arm.IMG_0830

Next up!  Cheese!IMG_0831

All finished with their pizzas.IMG_0832

I added mushrooms to Bekah’s pizza, because I love mushrooms and we had them in the fridge already.  I also love that you can bake the pizzas on their bake n serve trays.  It makes things simple and easy to clean up!  I forgot to take a picture of the pizzas after they came out of the oven.  They were really good and we had enough left over for Micah’s school lunch the next day.

We might have to make this a monthly activity for the family.  =)

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Micah went to his friend’s 6th birthday party last weekend and the theme was Angry Birds. My friend Cindy did an amazing job with the decorations, games and cake.  Here are some pictures from the party.


No Angry Birds birthday party is complete unless you have slingshots. =)

These faces were hand painted onto the rubber balls.IMG_5969IMG_5965

Handmade masksIMG_5966IMG_5973IMG_5974

Cindy made this cake too.IMG_5971

Favor bags with handcut faces glued on.IMG_5972I love all the details that went into creating this fun party!  Micah had a blast!

Siblings: Sharing snacks, sweet moments

While driving home today, I overheard a short, yet very sweet, interaction between my 5 year old and almost 2 year sitting behind me.

Micah reached into a plastic bag, pulled out a Japanese cracker and handed it to his little sister.

Micah: “Here you go, Bekah.”

Bekah: (excitedly) “Oh!  Thank you, Doh, Doh.”                                                                (Goh Goh is older brother in Cantonese, but Bekah can’t pronounce the “G” sound.

Micah: “You’re welcome.”

This made me smile.  Normally, I have to ask Micah to share snacks with his baby sister or she’s screaming at him for a bite.  😉  Need to cherish these sweet moments between siblings.

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