Week of Insanity

This past weekend, Micah performed in Creekside Kids Theater production of “Schoolhouse Rock – Live!”  The week of rehearsals leading up to opening night is called the “Week of Insanity.”  Normally, we have one 1-hour rehearsals per week but during the week of insanity, the kids have four 2-hour rehearsals.  The many hours of rehearsing paid off!  The 176 kids in the show did an amazing job!  They performed 3 times – Friday evening, and Saturday afternoon & evening.  I’m still singing the songs in my head…sometimes out loud too.  😛

Here are a couple of pictures from one of the rehearsals.  My thespian is wearing the R2D2 shirt.  =)IMG_5332IMG_5333

The Director handed out Paper Plate Awards to each cast member.  Micah received “The Energizer Bunny” award.  The Director knows him so well.  =P