Phil Wickham “Children of God” Album

Long before I saw Phil Wickham live at the Worship Night in America event, in Sacramento last August, I was already so familiar with many of his songs played on Christian radio station KLOVE.  Though a fan of his songs, At Your Name, Glory, and This Is Amazing Grace, I had never previously owned a Phil Wickham cd.  Something changed after seeing him perform This Is Amazing Grace on stage and in person.  It was, to simply put it…Amazing!  The entire Worship Night in America was amazing…

The next day, I ordered my first Phil Wickham cd, The Ascension, because it had the song, This Is Amazing Grace, on it.  It quickly became a well-listened to album during our car rides.  When the opportunity came along to receive and review the latest album by Phil Wickham, I excitedly  jumped at the chance to score a copy of “Children of God.”  Thanks FlyBy Promotions!


Children of God is becoming another well-listened to cd in our home…or in this case, my minivan.  Though my four year old would rather listen to her Awana Cubbies cd, I tune into Children of God almost daily and both my kids are witnessing my head boppin’ and body movin’ to the sounds of “The Secret Place” and “Your Love Awakens Me.”

My son especially loves Your Love Awakens Me and has asked me to “play it again, Mommy.”

Another favorite song on this album is “Doxology//Amen.”  I used to sing the Doxology at church every Sunday morning during my childhood.  I love this contemporary version of the song.  It feels like I’m sharing a very special part of my childhood with my own kids.

I am really enjoying this newest album by Phil Wickham and am so blessed that it has been added to our music library.  I hope to see him in concert again very soon!

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