O, Christmas Tree

Last week, we pulled out our Christmas tree from the garage and decorated it with the kids.  I love looking at all of the ornaments that we haven’t seen in the past 11 months. It’s like looking through a time capsule…boxes filled with precious memories from years past.

Here are the kids hanging up the ornaments that I set aside for them…ones that won’t break as easily if dropped.  😉


These are some of my favorite ornaments…

Jason gave me this ornament during our first year of dating.  We both worked at The Disney Store in San Francisco at the time.  He wanted to start a tradition where we would get a new ornament every year that we were together.  We’ve skipped a few years here and there since then, but it was a sweet & thoughtful idea. =)IMG_7404

Willow Tree’s Angel of the Heart.  You will always find this ornament near the top of our tree.IMG_7392

I think I bought this Nativity ornament from an Urbana conference.IMG_7393

Yosemite holds a very special place in our hearts.  We got engaged there on Valentine’s Day 2004.IMG_7402

For our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.IMG_7397

Picked this one up on our Honeymoon.IMG_7399

Handmade Snoopy ornament given to me by a mentor at church.IMG_7395

Made in Sunday School.  Micah at age 2.IMG_7398 2

Preschool Ornament.  Micah at age 3.IMG_7400

Handmade ornament given to our family by my women’s bible study childcare volunteer, lovingly known as Auntie Keiko.  She took care of Micah every week, from the time he was 7 months old until he was almost 4.  She has been taking care of Bekah since she was 2 months old.IMG_7394

Bekah’s 1st Christmas ornament.IMG_7405

Recently added to our collection and has been known to create spontaneous family dance parties.  The Peanuts theme song is so fun to dance to!IMG_7407

O, Christmas TreeIMG_7406IMG_7385

What are some of your most favorite Christmas ornaments?


4 thoughts on “O, Christmas Tree

  1. What fun to see! I’m decorating our tree this morning with similar ornaments full of memories. Great to see you and your sweet kids at the wedding last week. Hope you all have a sweet Christmas together!

  2. Sarah Osborne

    I LOVE the stories behind each ornament! You reminded me how fun that was as a kid pulling out all the different ones each year. You’ve inspired me to add to our collection and not just put up the pretty glittery balls 🙂

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