June 2013: recap

I can’t believe it’s August already.  This summer has flown by so fast.  We’ve had quite a busy summer so far, filled with VBS, swim lessons, a short trip to Monterey, celebrating Rebekah’s 2nd Birthday, summer reading programs, story times, play dates, and more VBS.

Here’s a recap of what happened in June.  Micah finished his first year in elementary school.  He is no longer a Kindergartner but is now a first grader!  The Kindergarten classes had an end of the school year picnic on the last day of school.

IMG_5898 copy

At The Picnic…

We played on the play structure.Image

We drew with chalk.Image

We blew bubbles.Image

We ate yummy food.ImageImage

It was a great day and we had fun with our friends.  After the picnic, the kids went back to their classrooms and said their goodbyes to friends and teachers.  It was a memorable  year and I am so proud of Micah!

Micah and Po Po on the last day of school.IMG_5907 copy

My First Grader!IMG_5899 copy

Here are more pictures from the picnic.

During our last two weeks of June, the kids and I went to Community Vacation Bible School in Castro Valley.  You can read about it in my post HERE.

Happy Summer!


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