Angry Birds Birthday Party

Micah went to his friend’s 6th birthday party last weekend and the theme was Angry Birds. My friend Cindy did an amazing job with the decorations, games and cake.  Here are some pictures from the party.


No Angry Birds birthday party is complete unless you have slingshots. =)

These faces were hand painted onto the rubber balls.IMG_5969IMG_5965

Handmade masksIMG_5966IMG_5973IMG_5974

Cindy made this cake too.IMG_5971

Favor bags with handcut faces glued on.IMG_5972I love all the details that went into creating this fun party!  Micah had a blast!

3 thoughts on “Angry Birds Birthday Party

  1. Super fun!!! Do you know where the slingshots are from? Not that I need slingshots at my house. :p We just went to a Lego Ninjago party. 🙂 Just realized that I’m sooo not a fun mom. :p Good thing I have my little sister and BIL to entertain the kiddos. 🙂

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