DaySpring: 12 Day Holiday Countdown

Back in March, I wrote about the DaySpring Easter Holiday Countdown.  Here are some pictures from when we started the countdown leading up to Easter.

On Day One, Micah opened the first drawer and inside of it was a picture tile. The included guide booklet explains each tile and tells a story related to the holiday.  It also has scripture verses and discussion questions.

The larger drawer at the bottom holds all of the tiles for each of the three holidays.

When you return the drawer to its space, you just have to make sure the correct scene is facing outward.  There’s a scene for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You continue doing this each day for 12 days.

On the last day, you have a complete picture of the scene.IMG_9534

Easter has passed, but I can bring this out again for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Great purchase and fun activity for our family.

Link: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – 12 Day Holiday Countdown







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