Siblings: Sharing snacks, sweet moments

While driving home today, I overheard a short, yet very sweet, interaction between my 5 year old and almost 2 year sitting behind me.

Micah reached into a plastic bag, pulled out a Japanese cracker and handed it to his little sister.

Micah: “Here you go, Bekah.”

Bekah: (excitedly) “Oh!  Thank you, Doh, Doh.”                                                                (Goh Goh is older brother in Cantonese, but Bekah can’t pronounce the “G” sound.

Micah: “You’re welcome.”

This made me smile.  Normally, I have to ask Micah to share snacks with his baby sister or she’s screaming at him for a bite.  😉  Need to cherish these sweet moments between siblings.

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