Blood Drive, Mission Peak & Summer Reading Program Kickoff Event

Happy First Day of June!

I can’t believe that in a short couple of weeks, Micah will no longer be in Kindergarten (sniff, sniff!).  The year has really gone by so fast.  We are looking forward to our fun summer plans but sad that the school year is coming to an end.  I will need to soak in as much as I can these next couple of weeks.

We had an eventful Saturday.  Jason had a guys day out and went hiking on Mission Peak Regional Preserve.  The view at the top is beautiful!  I’m glad he decided to bring the camera along.IMG_5816IMG_5817

Our church hosted a blood drive today.  After dropping the kids off at my parents’ house, I headed to Creekside to donate blood (my first time!).  I’ve had my blood drawn at the hospital numerous times (too many to count), so I figured this would be a similar experience.  Everything went well.  It was actually more painful when they pricked my finger to test my iron levels than when they inserted the needle into my arm.  =P

In the afternoon, I took the kids to the San Leandro Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff Event.  Their theme this year is “Reading Is So Delicious.”  There were a lot of activities; crafts, snacks, a music concert, etc.  We saw many friends from MOPS and a buddy from Micah’s school was there too.  We all had a good time!IMG_5852IMG_5836

One of the crafts was to make a pillow for your stuffed animal.  You could bring your stuffed animal to spend the night at the library.  Cute idea, but we didn’t bring ours.  I think Micah made his pillow for his turtle constellation night light.IMG_5837

We made these cute chef’s hats.  Very easy!  This is a fun and simple craft to do with the kids at home or if you’re having a kids cooking (birthday) party.IMG_5841IMG_5842

Decorating a gingerbread person.IMG_5851

Papa Murphy’s handed out samples of their pizzas.  IMG_5850

The summer reading program officially starts on Monday, but we got to sign up today.  The Alameda County Library Summer Reading Game begins on June 10th, the Hayward Library Summer Reading Challenge begins on June 15th, and the Oakland Library Summer Reading Game begins on June 15th.

Let the Games/Challenge/Program Begin!


2 thoughts on “Blood Drive, Mission Peak & Summer Reading Program Kickoff Event

  1. Love the pictures…glad that Jay got some guy time. Good for you for donating blood! I agree that the finger stick is worse than the needle in the arm. Great fun for the little ones and they are sure to like the summer reading. Happy June!

  2. Marathon day for you! Good seeing you, and glad our hubbies can hang out together. We brought a stuffed animal for the sleepover this year and it was fun. I didn’t actually know what it was, but I’ll blog about it soon…I think. :p

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