Little Farm at Tilden Park

Bekah has a real interest and love for animals so the two of us met up with some friends and made a visit to the Little Farm in Tilden Park.  This was our first time at the Little Farm. We packed a bag lunch for ourselves and a bag of celery to feed the animals.

IMG_5504IMG_5508We had heard about the cows and their long tongues!  Bekah had no fear of the cows (at first) and quickly ran up to them to get a closer look.  After she fed one of the cows a stick of celery, she was more cautious about being so close to them.

IMG_5490You can only feed the animals celery and lettuce. I’m glad I didn’t bring carrots, apples or bread!IMG_5505

IMG_5500She would get really close to the goats and then drop the celery in front of them.  She wasn’t scared to pet them though.  =)  The cows and goats loved the celery and the bag was gone in no time.  IMG_5502A bunny looking at a bunny…IMG_5507

We also saw pigs, chickens, ducks and sheep.  There’s a visitor center next to the Little Farm and a small playground next to the parking lot.  Parking is free.  We explored the visitor center for a little bit and then had lunch near the playground.  It was a very warm & sunny day.  Bring water, sunscreen and hats if you decide to visit on a sunny day because there is little shade in the farm and playground areas.  It’s a very fun place to bring the kids to and I’m looking forward to going again (along with my five-year old too).


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