Kindergarten Fashion Show

On Friday, the Kindergarten classes put on a Mother’s Day Fashion Show for their families.  IMG_9196IMG_9195There were four fashion categories and each Kindergartener chose which one they wanted to model – Sportwear, Beachwear, Bedtime or Party Wear.  The kids also sang songs and recited nursery rhymes during the show.IMG_9197

Micah chose to model Bedtime Wear.  He wore his Batman pajamas.IMG_9200Walking down the catwalk with his teddy bear “Teddy.”IMG_9205Spinning around for the audience.IMG_9206Back down the catwalk.IMG_9207Little Sis came to support Big BroIMG_9218After the show, families were invited back to the classrooms for treats and Mother’s Day surprises.  Micah gave me a Mother’s Day Cookbook, a handmade & thumbprint decorated card, and a pretty yellow rose.IMG_9229Here’s Micah’s recipe.  What a cute idea for the cookbook!  IMG_5569

Now that I think about it, he really does like to eat my chicken noodle soup.  I try to make the soup from scratch (w/ carrots & celery), use the leftover meat from Costco’s rotisserie chicken and add pasta from Trader Joe’s.

The fashion show was a fun event and the kids did a great job modeling their clothes.  I am so proud of Micah.  I love my special Mother’s Day gifts from my favorite Kindergartener too.

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