Garden Day at School

Micah’s school hosted A Family Day in the Garden on Saturday.  They needed help with weeding, seed planting, laying out the wood chips and compost sifting.  Micah decided that he wanted to help with weeding so that’s what we did as a family.


Bekah also helped with the weeding.IMG_9069A view of part of the garden.  I’m thankful that the school has a garden where the kids can be involved in and help take care of.  They have lessons out there and learn about planting/growing fruits & vegetables, nutrition and healthy eating habits.  The parents also receive fliers that include healthy recipes.IMG_9056

A snack for the helpers – quesadillas with lots of veggies…corn, green and red bell peppers.  They were delicious!

Getting a hands on lesson on planting seeds.

Micah planted a summer squash to take home.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Happy Earth Day!


4 thoughts on “Garden Day at School

  1. Ashley

    that is such a fun day! we’ve participated in many but now that softball has arrived in our lives and I’m the assistant coach we have other obligations 🙂 only half our family was able to attend this year!

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