Micah: Color Me Mine Date

You’ve probably heard of Color Me Mine but if you haven’t, it’s a paint your own pottery studio.  I took Micah there for the first time for a mommy and son date.  They have so many things you can choose from to paint…plates, mugs, vases, banks, frames, etc.  Micah chose a whale bank.  He must have known that his mommy loves whales.  =)



We left the whale at the studio for a week so it could be fired.  This is how it turned out.  IMG_5464

I think it turned out great!  Such a cute little whale.  Now, what should Micah and I do for our next date?

6 thoughts on “Micah: Color Me Mine Date

    1. It was fun! Guess what happened to the bank when Bekah got a hold of it. 😉
      She dropped it on our hardwood floor and it broke into many pieces. Going to try and glue it back together for him one day. Need to find out what glue will work best. He even drew a picture of himself with the whale after it broke. Poor kid…

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