Kiwi Crate: Secret Agent

Today, Micah and I spent some time working on Kiwi Crate’s Secret Agent crate.  It was a lot of fun to put together.  There were two projects: my periscope and my disguise kit.


We worked on my disguise kit first. They included materials to make two disguises.IMG_9011IMG_9012IMG_9013IMG_9015

Next, we made the periscope.  This project came with crayons for decorating the periscope, but Micah used the stickers from the disguise kit to decorate his ‘scope.’IMG_9018

Finished and all ready to use for ‘spying.’IMG_9021

The crate also came with an “explore more” booklet that had instructions on what you can use to create secret messages.  I think I’ll try some of these with Micah, like using a white crayon to write/draw on white paper and then scribbling over that message with a colored pencil to reveal what was written.  The message will appear in white.  Pretty neat, right?

With the special UV light pen and top secret notebook (included), Micah wrote a secret message to his daddy.  IMG_9023

Can you see what he wrote?  =)IMG_9026

Micah really enjoyed the Secret Agent theme and asked me to play “Spy” with him several times during the day.  Btw…he wrote “I ❤ YOU DAD” on his top secret notebook.

April’s crate is Caring for Earth.  Can’t wait for it to arrive!

(If you would like to try Kiwi Crate and receive $10 off your first month, use this link.  You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime.)

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6 thoughts on “Kiwi Crate: Secret Agent

  1. We actually haven’t done the last 2 crates. Saving them for playdates with friends or for super hot days when we won’t be going outside. :p. Emily says, “Say ‘That’s cool.'” 🙂

    1. I have a lot of crates in our closet right now. It’s hard to do them when Bekah is awake, so they are piling up. Do you have a/c? It’s hotter in our house than outside!

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