Random Acts of Kindness

Do you remember when the toll for crossing the Bay Bridge was only $1?  These were the days before FasTrak and when people actually had enough cash on hand to pay the toll booth collector.  During our dating years, Jason would occasionally pay the toll for the car behind us.  He would give the toll collector $1 for our car and another $1 for the car behind us.  It was a Random Act of Kindness.

Another time, while we were in the drive thru line for Taco Bell, we noticed two young guys ahead of us trying to place an order at the drive thru window…and they were not in a car!  The restaurant was closed except for the drive-thru.  The cashier didn’t want to take their order, so Jason asked them to hop into his car and we would place the order for them.  Not the safest thing for my boyfriend to do but definitely thoughtful of him.  Not only did we place the order for those two guys, but Jason also paid for their meals.  Random Act of Kindness.

What makes Random Acts of Kindness so special?  We have all been recipients of them.  They can be as extravagant as concert tickets or as simple as a thoughtful note.  Nonetheless, random acts of kindness (whatever they may be) are special, because they create a special feeling inside of us.  They create meaningful experiences and heartfelt memories.

When a friend found out about the miscarriage I had earlier this year, she handed me a bag one evening that included a sweet note and a hand-knitted stuffed animal.  I felt loved.  Blessed.  Random Act of Kindness.  Another friend gave me a gift of sweet and savory treats, and also a kind note.  Unexpected.  Blessed.  Random Act of Kindness.

At a recent conference, I was looking at a book written by Elisa Morgan, former President and CEO of MOPS International.  I was about to purchase the book when someone asked me if I go to MOPS.  I said, “Yes.  I’m on Steering (leadership team) at this church.”  That person said, “Here”…and then gave me the book and the study guide that went along with it.  She said, “I was in MOPS too.”  Random Act of Kindness.  A glimpse of God’s heart shown through a stranger.

What are some of your random acts of kindness stories?  How can I/we be a blessing to others and help create those special kind of feelings for them?

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