Easter: Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt

The Kindergarten classes are having an egg hunt next week and the parents were asked to bring in a basket for their child, with six plastic eggs filled with candy or a small toy.  The parents are going to hide the eggs around the Kindergarten playground for the egg hunt.

I went to the 99cent Only Store and picked up a bag of jumbo-sized plastic eggs and a bag of green shredded paper to add to the basket.

I filled the eggs with a snack pack of gummy bears and some Mrs. Grossman’s Easter Egg stickers.  The roll of stickers were given to me from a friend who didn’t want them anymore.  I got the larger plastic eggs so I could fit the snack pack inside of it.IMG_5364

This basket was given to Micah last Easter from his Godmother and her family.  I love that we can use it all year around.  The shredded paper grass can be reused or recycled too.


We’re all set for the Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt next week!IMG_5367

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