DaySpring: Easter Holiday Countdown

Easter is March 31st and DaySpring has this great product that I’m excited to show the kids this week.  It’s the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – 12 Day Holiday Countdown.

About the 3-Holidays-in-1 Countdown: For the 12 days leading up to Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you and your children or grandchildren will enjoy reading an inspirational story and building a scene relating to the big day.  Numbered drawers are turned to reveal each holiday scene.  Drawers can hold small treats as well as the included picture tiles.  A guide booklet explains each tile and tells a story related to the holiday. The reading for each day incorporates a Scripture and questions to prompt family discussion.  Includes 3 sets of picture tiles – 12 for each holiday.  Tiles provide a visual tool to help children relate Biblical truths to the holiday’s story.


We begin the countdown to Easter on Wednesday, March 20.  I think the kids will have fun turning the drawers around and reading the tiles.  Should I include treats in the drawers too?  Stay tuned for more pictures.


One thought on “DaySpring: Easter Holiday Countdown

  1. Creative and fun way to teach the little ones. I think they’ll enjoy turning the drawers and reading the tiles too. The treats will be an extra bit of fun! Maybe you could find beads or something to string together so at at the end of the 12 days they would have a necklace just for that holiday.

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