Date Night: Samovar Tea Lounge

For our most recent date night, Jason and I had an early dinner at Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco.  There are three locations and we went to the one in Hayes Valley.  Thanks to a LivingSocial deal, we were able to try two tea services and one sandwich.  It was more than enough food for two.

I ordered the Russian Service with Tolstoy’s Sip Black Tea.  The meal came with tarragon-marinated beets, smoked salmon & horseradish, devilled
egg with caviar, herbed crackers, and fresh fruit.  It was suppose to come with a fudge brownie, but they were all out so I got two cookies as a substitution.

My tea and the Samovar
IMG_5221The tea was strong and smokey.  I added a lot of sugar and almond milk.  Over time, the flavor of the tea brewing in the teapot gets stronger.  You can add water from the samovar to dilute it.

Russian Tea ServiceIMG_5223

Jason ordered the Paleolithic Tea Service and it came with a kale salad, steamed beets, squash, and smoked duck.  He chose the Moorish Mint tea with his meal.IMG_5229

We shared the grilled duck with poached egg sandwich.  It was served with fruit and a salad.IMG_5230
The place is very popular.  Thankfully, I had made a reservation earlier in the day through  We both enjoyed our meals and the service was good.  I would definitely order the Russian service again.


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