Love Your Neighbor

A few weeks ago, Micah told me that he wanted to make Valentines and give them to his neighbors.  So that’s exactly what we did.  He started with drawing and cutting out the hearts.  On Valentine’s Day, we went to eight neighbors’ homes and left the Valentines in their mailboxes or mail slots.

Drawing heartsIMG_8022CuttingIMG_8026Writing his name on the back of the heartsIMG_8025I also included Valentines from DaySpring that had a bible verse on the back.  IMG_8197This is how we packaged them.IMG_8199Delivering a Valentine to our next door neighborIMG_8200



One of our neighbors either heard us or saw us through the window, because she opened her front door to say hello.  Micah quietly handed her the Valentine and her face just lit up with a big smile.  She thanked Micah and asked if it would be okay if she gave this Valentine to her dad.  Her dad, who has alzheimer’s and dementia, had brain surgery recently and is recovering in an outpatient facility.  We told her we would pray for him. As we said goodbye, she said…”this really made my day.”  🙂

I am hoping that we can make this our Valentine’s Day tradition, by sharing with more neighbors a little bit of God’s love year after year.


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