Week of CNY and Valentine’s Day: Update

Nothing goes quite as planned when you have sick kids.  I know you’ve felt that way before.  My Rebekah has has a runny nose for a few weeks.  That led to a cough, then fevers, and now the doctor thinks she has a sinus infection.

We celebrated Chinese New Year (eve) with my family on the 9th.  Date Night on the 10th was postponed because the little one had a fever.  (Postponed again today, 2/17)  =(

100th Day of School – Tuesday, 2/12858080_10151493375002008_184841166_o

Micah made a picture of a tree, grass and the sun out of 100 buttons.858423_10151493357992008_2092835425_o

MOPS  was also on Tuesday.  It was our Seminars Day and we had four to choose from: Hospitality, Toddler Devotions, Basic Estate Planning, and Natural Cleaning Products.  I attended the Hospitality and Basic Estate Planning seminars…both were really good. That night, I went to La Pinata for a much needed Girls Night Out with a couple of friends.  Let’s just say that we had such a good time chatting that we didn’t realize how late it had gotten.  One of our hubbies actually called the restaurant.  Jason didn’t believe me when I told him it was almost 12:30am when I got home.  That’s late for a school night!

On Wednesday, I went to a thredUP user testing.  More about this in a later post.

For Valentine’s Day, I made a special breakfast, lunch (for Micah) and dinner for the family.  The Kindergarten classes had an ice cream sundae and cookies party.  The kids were really excited about delivering and receiving Valentines from their classmates.IMG_8171

More pictures of our week here.


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