Kiwi Crate: Pop-Up Shop Launch Party

Kiwi Crate hosted a party to celebrate the opening of their pop-up shop and we got to go!  The company is based in Mountain View, which is about a 40 min. drive for us.  I love that they are located in the Bay Area and that I can support them locally.

Once we walked through the doors, we were greeted with big smiles and friendly “hellos.” The kids were immediately drawn to the stringed balloons floating in the corner.  They actually spent a good amount of time laughing and playing with the balloons, unbeknownst to them that there were other surprises waiting for them in the other rooms.

In one room, you could decorate a pirate hat…Arrgh!, Aye, Aye Matey…Yo ho ho!  In another, there was a photo booth set up with cute props that you could use.  They had drinks and snacks to munch on.  We got to check out their new single crates collection and party favor collection.  Their crates look great online, but they look even better in person.  It was hard for me to choose which crates I wanted to purchase, but I settled on the Colorful Inspiration and Making Music.  I also picked up a couple of their party favors to give as birthday gifts.

We went on a tour of their facilities and at the end, the kids got to help finish packing some of the February crates that are being sent out.  That part was really neat to see and I was so happy that Micah got to experience it.  As we were leaving, they gave the kids each a goodie crate to take home.  There was a Kiwi Crate t-shirt, fruit snack, tattoos, and Kiwi rubber bands.  Thanks Kiwi Crate!

More pictures here.



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