Awana – Learning about Missionaries

This is Micah’s 2nd year in Awana Clubs and he loves it!  It’s so great that he wants to go every week and learn his verses.  Of course, there’s an incentive to memorizing verses.  The more verses he memorizes, the more points he earns…and the more points he earns, the more points he has to spend in the Awana store.

Right now, Micah is learning what a missionary is in his Awana Sparks book.  His first assignment is to choose a missionary who lived a long time before you were born.  Then find a picture of your missionary or a book about him or her and show it to your Sparks leader.  The first person that I thought of was Eric Liddell, who was a missionary to China.  He was also a runner and raced in the 1924 Summer Olympics.  I thought Micah would be interested in learning about Eric Liddell, because Micah also loves to run.

I couldn’t find any age appropriate books on Eric Liddell in our local libraries, so I looked on Amazon.  I found a book about him from the Heroes for Young Readers series and also bought a few other books on missionaries.  These are the books that we’ll be reading together.

IMG_7996Here’s Micah wearing his Sparks vest.  It was wacky hair day that night.IMG_5071


2 thoughts on “Awana – Learning about Missionaries

  1. How great that Micah is so eager! Great news about Chinese school too. Hope he likes that as well. You and Jay are really good at exposing him to all kinds of learning experiences.

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