Fall/Harvest/Pumpkin/Candy Company

October is a fun month!  I think Halloween is Micah’s favorite holiday/time of the year.  This kid loves pumpkins and pumpkin patches, costumes, festivals with games and prizes, and trick-or-treating.  We don’t dress the kids up in scary costumes and most of our decorations are Fall related, but it’s a fun time and I find myself enjoying the season as well.

School Pumpkin Patch – Micah’s school set up a cute, little pumpkin patch for the Kindergarten classes last week.  They had haystacks, cornstalks, a happy scarecrow and pumpkins.  For $2.75, the kids got to choose their own pumpkin to decorate and take home.  What a deal!  And these weren’t little, itty-bitty pumpkins…they were pretty good-sized pumpkins.

Here’s Micah with his pumpkin.  He decorated it with a face and his buddy from class made a hat.

Creekside Candy Company – On Friday, our church had their annual “Candy Company” community carnival.  There were games and prizes, cookie decorating, tattoos, and a life-sized version of Candyland for the kids to play.

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
Playing Candyland
More Candy Company photos here.

School Fall Festival – On Saturday, we went to the Fall Festival at Micah’s school.  There were games, snacks, a costume contest, crafts, plant your own fava bean, etc.  More Fall Festival photos.

We have a few more Fall/Halloween related events coming up…Kindergarten parade and class parties, Trick-or-Treating at CV Village and Harvest Festival.

What are your plans for Halloween?


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