Micah’s School Art Auction

Yesterday evening, Micah’s school held a silent art auction.  Since Micah has Awana on Wednesday evenings, we weren’t planning to attend.  Then we found out that Micah made a necklace for the auction, so we decided to go last minute.  Each student made an art piece, each class made a classroom piece, and there were also staff activities auctions as well (ie. ice cream party with your teacher).  The projects were displayed in the auditorium/cafeteria and outside on the patio.  We got to hear the Arroyo High School Jazz Band perform too.  The auction raised money for art materials for the classrooms.  🙂

This is how it worked: 1) Look at all the art and enjoy the music.  Start bidding on works of art you like.  2) Write your name and your bid on the slip of paper beside the artwork. Individual pieces start at $2.00.  Classroom pieces begin at $10.00.  3) If you are the highest bidder when bidding closure is announced, take the bidding sheet and artwork to a cashier to pay.

We got there a little early to look around.  Micah was really excited to be there so I’m glad we made the time to go.  We found his necklace and placed our $2 bid.  😉   Then walked around outside and looked at all of the classroom pieces.  It was pretty fun!  Micah and I had to leave early to go to Awana, so Jason and Bekah stayed until the bidding time ended.

More photos here.


2 thoughts on “Micah’s School Art Auction

  1. Adorable! Let us know if there’s another auction and if Micah makes something. We’d love to support him and the school. Did he make the dolphin mobile too? How did the bidding turn out?

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