What God is Teaching Me: Kindergarten and the Book of Joshua

Today was the first day back with my women’s bible study and this fall we are studying the book of Joshua.  In this first chapter, God is telling Joshua to “Be strong and courageous” and  He repeats this several times (so it must be super important if God is saying it again again.  =P).  God also says to Joshua, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

This reminded me about something that happened during Micah’s first day of Kindergarten.  After I gave Micah one last hug and said goodbye, I turned around to walk out of the classroom.  (The teacher had instructed all of the kids to say goodbye to whoever brought them to class and then quickly return to “the carpet.”)  After our hug, Micah ran back to me and didn’t want me to leave.  My thoughts were, as I started to walk him back to the carpet, “Don’t be afraid…it’ll be okay.”  Often times as parents, we say to our children, “Be strong and courageous!”  Well, we don’t really say those exact words but that’s what we mean.  We say, “It’s okay…You can do it!…Just go!”

I walked Micah a couple of steps closer to the carpet. Then a kind helper came along, took Micah’s hand from mine and said, “It’s okay,” while leading him the rest of the way.

God often reminds us to not be fearful and discouraged for He is always with us.  Today, I was reminded that God also sends us helpers that walk alongside us through life.  Just as that kind helper took Micah’s hand and said, “It’s okay,” we also have helpers who do the same for us.  At least I hope we all do.

Who are your kind helpers in life?  Who have you been a kind helper to?  It’s easy to help your close friends and family but let’s not forget that we can also be a kind helper to the new kid(s) in class.

Thank you to all of my kind helpers!  You are a blessing from God!


2 thoughts on “What God is Teaching Me: Kindergarten and the Book of Joshua

  1. A lovely parallel and reminder to all of us that God works in mysterious (and most times very simple) ways. I’m so thankful that Micah and Rebekah are being raised in so much love.

  2. Love this post. When our Laurel was in a new school in 1st grade in Spain and unsure if she wanted to be there, we wrote Joshua 1:9 on a card and put it in her backpack to take to school.
    Sent if off to here again when she started college in Chicago. thanks for you smart words Genevieve.

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