San Diego Trip – Day 2

Day 2 of our San Diego Trip was also Easter Sunday.  We planned for a low key day…going to a farmers market and dinner with friends.  I love farmers markets and will try to find one in the area when we’re on vacation.  One of our favorites is the Saturday Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College on Oahu. See our facebook pictures from that day here.  It’s not to be missed if you’re looking for some yummy eats on the island.

In San Diego, I found the Hillcrest Farmers Market and we headed there after breakfast.  (The hotel provides breakfast every morning and a light dinner Monday thru Thursday.  Eating at the hotel saved us time and money on eating out a lot.)  We found some pretty good and unique eats, like live sea urchins.  We’ve had sea urchin (or uni) at Japanese restaurants but never at a farmers market.  The vendor will cut the uni open for you and you can enjoy it there or take it home to eat.  We decided to take it home to eat, so the vendor prepared the uni and put it on ice for us.  You can see pictures from our day by clicking on the photo album below.

We ate lunch back at the hotel and afterwards, I gave the kids their Easter gifts.  I didn’t plan an egg hunt like I did for Micah last year when we were in Hawaii.  I think he was a little disappointed about it, but he still enjoyed the gifts.  It was Rebekah’s first Easter. She didn’t know what to make of it…the girl tried to eat everything from the bag.  =P

Our good friends, who live in Orange County, drove down to San Diego to have dinner with us.  Per their recommendation, we ate at Brazen BBQ Restaurant.  Our friend knows the owner from bbq competitions.  For dessert, we got take out from Extraordinary Desserts and ate it back at the hotel.  And Yes!…the desserts are quite extraordinary!  =P We began the day with good food and ended the day with good food…and good company!

San Diego Trip 2012: Day 2

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