Ardenwood Historic Farm

Before we had Micah, Ardenwood Historic Farm was just a place that we would see from the freeway as we drove by on 880 South to the Dumbarton Bridge.  After we had Micah, I soon discovered that Ardenwood Farm is a great place to bring the kids and they offer a lot of activities for the entire family.  Admission prices are reasonable too.

They have a wonderful Toddler Time almost every Tuesday, from 11:00-11:30am. Toddler time begins with the kids sitting on haystacks arranged in a small circle, listening to Ranger Ira tell a story about their featured animal for the day.  Today, we learned about sheep.  On other days, we might learn about rabbits, pigs, goats or chickens.  After story time, we walked over to the barn where we watched Ranger Ira shell Indian corn and grind them up for the sheep to feed on.  Each child is given the opportunity to grind the corn.  Then we walked over to the sheep pen and the kids got a handful of corn to feed the sheep.

After the kids are done with their “chores” of preparing the food and feeding the sheep, they are rewarded with their very own ear of organic popcorn to take home.  

We stayed and had a picnic lunch of Ritz crackers, cheese, lunch meat, and carrots.  Enjoyed the nice weather and Micah made some new friends while playing on the hay stacks.

On our way out, we stopped and bought some organic strawberries that were picked on the farm that morning.  The strawberries were on a little cart near the entrance and you just leave $2/box if you want them…honor system.

Here’s our ear of popcorn.

It’s really easy to pop.  Just stick the ear of popcorn into a paper bag, close it up, and microwave the bag for about 2 minutes.  Then you get this…

Makes a nice afternoon snack!


10 thoughts on “Ardenwood Historic Farm

  1. sash729

    I’m sure these are the kind of things Micah will remember fondly when he grows up 🙂 you’re such a great mom! ❤

      1. sash729

        whoops, sorry for double-commenting. I vaguely remember drawing you a picture at YC but have no memory of what it looks like! Do you still have it?

  2. sash729

    I’m sure these are the kind of things Micah will remember fondly when he grows up 🙂 You’re such a great mom!

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